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Quantum Shield Sticker

Say goodbye to phone radiation!

Phone radiation has become the fourth source of pollution, with the progress of science and technology, popularization and high-tech products such as mobile phones have created civilization for the society, but also brought people into an environment full of electromagnetic radiation. It is imperative to combat radiation hazards, the reason why we created the Quantum Shield Sticker.

Protect your ear, brain, and body against the harmful effect of mobile phones and other appliances radiation, and heating. Reduce headaches from long-time use of the phone. Reduce cancer risk from cell phone radiation. Keep the body healthy with negative ions above 3000. Make mobile battery last longer.

Your home is filled with hundreds of harmful radiation fields waiting to affect you as you watch television, working on your laptop, cook or heat food using the microwave, and mostly when talking on the phone. Most of the time your phone sits in your pocket next to your reproductive organs affecting your libido, fertility, and sperm count.

Did you know that your phone radiates enough energy to modify your brain chemistry causing depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, irascibility, fatigue, agitation, brain fog, decreased libido, and a lot more?

Do You Regularly Get Headaches or Migraines?

Migraines and severe headaches are suffered by many, but where do they come from? The source is generally unknown and doctors often chalk it up to stress, but what if they’re caused by your phone? We’ve found shocking research that shows that it could be caused by the radiation exposure from your phone.

Every day, we are exposing ourselves to lithium batteries and high frequency (3G, 4G, wi-fi) signals without knowing the long-term effects that this has on our health. All technology emits a small quantity of radiation, but it’s never been so close to our bodies on such a regular basis. Even with greater advances in medicine, brain cancer rates have been on the rise in recent decades.

The Solution for Radiofrequency Radiation is Easier Than You Think!

No matter if electronics are turned off, they still release radiation. While sleep your body is more vulnerable to radiation, accelerating the degeneration process, the main reason why humans feel fatigued most of the time and get anxious when staying too much inside the house. It gets worse. Did you know that during a child’s developing years, his body receives 200% more radiation than an adult?


Can be used for Tablet PC, Cell Phone, Kindle, Computer, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Printer, Washing machine, etc. Your and your family will enjoy a more peaceful night’s rest knowing they are protected from radiation harm.


By Blocking Radiation You Will:

  • Feel more alert on your tasks becoming more productive
  • Have more energy throughout the day, less fatigue after work.
  • Greater stamina, more physical endurance.
  • Grounded, more emotional stable, dealing easier with stress.
  • Sleep well, one reason for insomnia is due to electric radiation.
  • Restore your libido.
  • Reduce the risk of testicular and brain cancer

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