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LED Changing Shower Head

Take A Shower Under The Rainbow!

Showering can feel like a chore sometimes but not when doing it under a light show! Replace your old showerhead with DripLit Shower Head and makes every minute under the shower an enjoyable one! As the water changes temperature you’ll be treated to a disco-like setting. Showering under the wide head you’ll be fully covered by the high-pressure stream for maximum enjoyment!

Drip-Lit Multicolored Shower Head installs without any hassle so you can easily create a new mood in your old bathroom. Experience the fun of bathing under the colorful waterfall. Overhead showerhead provides 30cm of drenching rain, and ultra-thin about 1cm, contains 196 nozzles and built-in 12 LED light, allow you to enjoy the shower of pleasure.

The inner design new-tech water power device, NO need for the battery, it will light up when the water flows and turn off when the water stop. Thus you don't need to worry about the safety problem. The entire shower head body made of solid stainless steel, multiple polishing, and chrome finishes prevent it to be rusty and highly reflective for a mirror-like look.

Silicone nozzle is pressed from food-grade silica gel, with no harm to human skin and hair. Very easy to clean, just squeeze the rubber nipples to remove the lime or sediment. The big surface mirror-like chrome finish makes the showerhead beautiful and a perfect match with any bathroom decor. Moreover, the ultra-thin and smooth design enhances the complete view and gives it a modern touch, which expresses only elegance.



Bathe in the disco- Turn the monotonous chore of showering into a colorful disco to enjoy yourself every time you take a shower! 

Like under a waterfall - Find relaxation under a wide massaging stream to fully immerse yourself in the shooting experience!

Seamless installation - Easily replace your old showerhead with DripLit in just a few minutes without a tool needed!

DripLit is the ultimate choice - Enjoy each moment of your show experience to leave the bathroom refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

Installation Type: Ceiling Mounted

  • Shower shape: Square
  • Height Adjustable: No
  • Surface Finishing: Polished
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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