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Cleaning Tool for Airpods

 It's time to clean up those Airpods.

Do you love your AirPods, but feel there are always dirty and hard to clean??  Buy our AirPods cleaning set today and start keeping things tidy! ?  Keep your AirPods dirt-free while on the road! Grab an all-in-one cleaning kit and tackle the hard-to-reach areas, and make those AirPods shine again. 


A low-cost way to maximize the life and quality of your air pods. Our specifically designed cleaning tools work to regenerate the effects of everyday wear and tear to maintain the quality you seek from the product. Using our cleaning kit will extend the life of your Airpods. More specifically, the quality of listening will be maintained longer and the speed of change will be more efficient.

The less dust and accumulation of wax, the more your device will maintain its original performance. Each of the six components of our kit works in its own individual way to revitalize your air pods, each designed to deliver a multi-layered deep clean, which will leave the product factory new.

Improve Sound Quality

Quality is often lost with the build-up of wax. Easily and effectively remove wax, drastically improving sound quality and volume 

The Case Looks After Your Airpods, Look After The Case! Remove dust residues or ear wax accumulated on the whole Airpods case in the blink of an eye with the Brush. 


Each Cleaning Pack comes with the following:

  • 1 Anti-static polishing cloth – Our innovative anti-static polishing cloth works to remove all signs of use both on the case and the air pods themselves.

  • 1 Soft bristle brush – The specially designed soft bristle brush created to reach every hard-to-reach place and cleanse all the wax and dirt.

  • 1 Hard Bristle Brush – Designed for the hardier part of the multi-layered cleaning process, this brush maximizing the effectiveness of the process.  

  • 2 Specialty brushes - Uniquely designed to be used after the soft and hard bristle brushes, to make certain of a complete cleanse, the thin and light fibers enabling a complete clean. 

  • 50 Purpose-built cleaning picks – These disposable picks are for the more specific part of the cleaning process, reaching and cleansing the sensitive areas of the air pods.

Size: cleaning tool for AirPods size 65mm*15mm

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